August 19, 2023

Harpenden’s Hearing Experts

A Different Experience

Over the years, we’ve been involved in many studies looking at various aspects of audiology and technology. In some, we’ve offered advice on new hearing aid technology in development, in others, how the special software we rely on integrates with the hearing aids we fit, and whether new features will be useful for audiologists and clinicians around the world. We enjoy these requests; it gives us an insight into the future and how much more help we will be able to deliver to our patients and clients.

From the day we first opened our doors, back in 1981, we realised that one important element was clearly missing in independent private audiology – a focus on, so-called, soft skills. Our soft skills (aka personality skills) allow us to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Our clients reported this was clearly lacking in our field which is why they approached us for help in the first place. Their previous experiences and appeals being met with blank expressions from poor communicators.

In health care, it’s important that we empathise with our patients and the difficult situations that they are facing. According to an article in the British Journal of General Practice, empathy is often cited as a core aspect of effective, therapeutic consultations, though there is limited research into its impact.

Like in the medical field, it’s the same in our practice, in that much of what we do is patient-facing – which is really just customer service. Many skills that apply to brilliant customer service should be a key component of brilliant clinical care.

These attributes are:

attitude, communication, confidence, patience, attentiveness and adaptability.

Brilliant customer service in private independent audiology is a given with anyone you interact with when you deal with one of our team. Our clients want to be provided with the best clinical care, the clearest information, friendly and knowledgeable clinicians, helpful staff, and transparent accounting.  We know some people are worried about their hearing health and our team have the soft touch to help improve the patient experience. We have always employed people with a strong educational background and great technical skills but what has consistently set our team apart has been our interpersonal and communication skills.

One of the projects we have been involved in investigated people’s attitudes to hearing care and the way information is delivered between clients and clinicians. Some of our clients were interviewed as part of the study and following publication, we spoke again with the market research company, who told us our clients’ connection with our practice was something quite unique in their experience. A special bond existed between us that transcended what at the outset they had anticipated would be merely a transactional relationship.

We would like to think this is because of the soft skills we all have and our desire to exceed the expectations people don’t even know they have.

Every week, we receive confirmation through the lovely comments we receive that, after more than forty years, our approach is still relevant. We hear through letters, emails, and various online channels that we’re done a great job. This week, Chrissie turned to Google to post this comment:

” … Obviously the best Audiology clinic in Hertfordshire and beyond.

Proven by the awards given to them here, but also throughout Europe.

I’ve had my hearing aids for at least 4 years and the after service is as excellent as when I purchased them.

Please people, if you have hearing problems do not try the usual big named hearing centres, I did and bought inferior aids before I was recommended here!!! ”

Thank you Chrissie for taking the time to tell others about your experience with us.

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