November 1, 2020

Happy Retirement Ros

Today we bid a fond farewell to our Queen Bee, Ros Weaver, who is retiring.

Mrs. W goes under many affectionate names (Wos, The Oracle & Mrs. Overall come immediately to mind) but, whatever the title, Ros has been at the heart of our business for many years. Always there and always dependable.

Ros has been the welcoming face of our practice for 22 years. She has moved with us through our various premises and can always be relied on to remember every client who has been to see us over the years. Her good humour and knowledgeable presence will be sorely missed.

We are sure all our clients will want to join us in wishing Ros a very happy and healthy retirement.

Thank you for everything you have done for us.

With love.

Robert, Ali, Jo, Tish and Angelique as well as your past colleagues: Lyn, Sandra, Fiona, Andy, Neil, Sanna, Zoe, Jane, Kerry, Ann, and Clare.