November 8, 2022

A Musician’s Five Star Review for Our Hearing & Audiology Service

One of our clients, Torsten, is a composer, musician, researcher and programmer who studied electro-acoustic music composition. Like all of our clients, his motivation to hear as well as possible is driven by his own personal set of professional and social circumstances.

After several false starts with other hearing specialists and audiologists, Torsten’s search for specialist care led him to us in 2013 and we have been providing him with audiological guidance ever since. Now living in Europe, we continue to provide virtual clinical care through video and specialist software that allows us to connect to his hearing aids, carrying out hearing tests and continually fine-tuning and improving his hearing ability as his needs and circumstances change.

Torsten recently posted an online review about us on Google – you can read his Five Star Review HERE.

As we all take a more active role in our healthcare and well-being, healthcare is evolving, moving away from the outdated consultant/patient approach. At Hearing Healthcare Practice, we promote a new kind of relationship-centered healthcare, placing greater emphasis on the rapport between us and our clients.

If you’re starting on your own individual hearing journey or, like Torsten, have had false starts elsewhere, we welcome you to get in contact and make an appointment.

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