November 16, 2022

Five Stars for our Otosclerosis Advice

Seeking treatment and management options for Otosclerosis:

Otosclerosis is a condition in which there’s abnormal bone growth inside the ear. It’s a fairly common cause of hearing loss in young adults. There are 3 tiny bones deep inside the ear that vibrate when sound waves enter.  They transmit sound waves to the inner ear which converts them into signals that are sent to the brain. In otosclerosis, the Stapes bone begins to fuse with the surrounding bone, eventually becoming fixed so it cannot move. (Source: NHS UK).

The cause is unclear but Otosclerosis commonly presents itself during pregnancy and may be the result of inheriting a gene from a parent. It is believed that changes in hormone levels may play a role in its onset.

Hearing challenges can present in many different guises. Sarah felt she needed a second opinion on whether surgery was the only option available to address her hearing loss and the advice she had previously been given.

After her appointment with our audiologist, Jo, she turned to Google and left us a five-star review. This is what she said about her appointment with us:

“Jo took great care of me. She was calm and patient, providing me with a thorough examination, followed by a detailed report on my post-pregnancy-induced otosclerosis. I was given a breakdown of my condition with all my treatment options. Fantastic service.”

If you are seeking treatment and management options for Otosclerosis, or you’d like a second opinion to understand more about your hearing,  follow this LINK and we’ll be happy to help.