September 30, 2021

Europe’s Finest Audiology Practice.

Hearing Healthcare Practice Awards

The Latest Chapter for our Award-Winning Practice.

Running from 2009 to 2020, the Audiologist of the Year Competition recognised exceptional work by hearing professionals throughout Europe. During these eleven years, the team at Hearing Healthcare Practice in Harpenden won more awards, commendations, and nominations than any other practice. These included an unprecedented two premier European Audiologist of the Year titles, three UK Audiologist of the Year awards, eleven Commendations all based on hundreds of individual nominations. A unique international achievement for what is a small team in a medium-sized Hertfordshire town.

Today our audiologists Jo Rae, Angelique Woolf and Natalie Szymanski continue to provide our unique brand of highly personalised, uncompromised, unhurried professional care following on their own individual and professional devolvement programme. They’re joined by Letitia Howes, who many clients will recognise from our Front of House team, who is now studying to become an audiologist and Fiona Hunt, who now completes our Front of House team.

The team is supported and guided by our Group Director of Audiology, Robert Beiny, whose visionary approach is embedded in everything we do. Because there is a unique DNA which powers our Practice: an empathy for clients and each other, and an appreciation that personalised audiological healthcare is essential. It simply cannot be rushed, or standardised. Best practice cannot be delivered without face-to-face consultations.  

Indeed, the alternative homogenised, faceless approach (and repeated failure) of so many High Street audiology practices is the reason why many clients seek out Hearing Healthcare Practice. While other hearing aid providers have continued to dumb down and de-personalise audiological care – clients telling us they feel ‘herded like sheep’ and coerced using obvious and pressurised sales tactics – we simply refuse to compromise. We put people first – not products!

Every member of our audiology team relishes in a freedom to go above and beyond, to create dedicated and bespoke approaches to suit their clients, rather than themselves or any corporate dictate. 

Experience the Difference

Hearing Healthcare Practice continues to grow, to achieve life-changing results and to succeed where others fail.

To understand the difference world-class hearing healthcare can make, please get in touch. Angie, Jo, Natalie and Letitia are waiting to support you on your journey to live the life you want to live, without compromise.

We look forward to welcoming you.