March 13, 2017

Fast, Safe Ear Wax Removal by Micro Suction

Fast Micro suction Ear Wax Removal by Expert Audiologists in Harpenden, Herts

Why you should consider self funding having your ears cleared by a trained audiologist?

Sometimes it because of the convenience of beeing seen at a time to suit you in an environment which is pleasant to be in. However, on most occasions clients ask for our help because their local GP practice has stopped providing the service (due to concerns that, in the hands of a non-expert, it can cause ear related health issues like infection and perforated eardrums).

Finally, unfortunately, we now see many people because the last time someone had their ear wax removed the found it uncomfortable or even painful.

At the Hearing Healthcare Practice, we’re hearing experts and approach every person’s ears as though they were our own! Everything is done slowly and expertly so that the experience is interesting. educational and hopefully even enjoyable!

When we look into an ear, if it’s blocked you can’t tell what’s beyond the blockage. That why it’s always better to have an expert dealing with your ear wax issues. On many occasions we’ve been consulted be patients who’ve had bad experiences – on one occasion, once we carefully cleared an ear, we found the lady in question had an hourglass-shaped ear canal. This lady’s ear geometry acted like a dam so it became blocked-up so she couldn’t hear very well. A nurse had attempted to blast the ear with water and this compounded the problem causing quite a lot of discomfort.

Fast, safe Ear Wax Removal Today

So, if you or a family member are having problems hearing or think your ears may be blocked with wax, give the Hearing Healthcare Practice a call.

Our expert micro suction could have your blocked ears cleared today and you’ll always find a friendly welcome.