August 14, 2018

Ear Scanning – Now Here

Ear scanning is here…

Henry Ford’s Model T,  Apple’s iPhone, Laszlo’s Biro.

All innovative products that have changed the world.

Not on the same scale, perhaps, but the audiology world has just changed hugely for the better with the introduction of an amazing new device which improves the patient experience.

Here, at the Hearing Healthcare Practice in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, we are proud to introduce Ear Scanning – the first hearing care clinic to adopt this breakthrough technology in Europe.

Totally comfortable, simple and quick, with digital ear scanning we can produce a 100% accurate virtual images of your ear canal and external ear. Emailed to our various labs around the world minutes later, our partner specialists can create hearing technology, ear moulds and in ear monitors that are, digitally, tailor made for you. For comfort, for fit, for efficiency and for results.

We first heard digital ear scanning being discussed 20 years ago, saw prototypes back in 2013, but today it’s a reality. And, we’re pleased to report, back in 1998 we said we’ll have the UK’s  first ear scanner. It’s taken longer than we’d expected but we’re really excited to unveil Otoscan, a first for teh Hearing Healthcare Practice.

We’ll bring you more news soon… or why not come in and experience ear scanning for yourself?