November 19, 2018

Reaching the World with e-Audiology


e-Audiology is here.

Personalised care requires highly specialised skills – wherever you are.

At the Hearing Healthcare Practice, we’re delighted to welcome clients from all over the UK but also from across Europe and the world. They often find us after a personal recommendation or perhaps after a Google search identifies us as a profession-leading practice.

In some cases these are individuals who simply seek out the best treatment but often they are people, relations and parents who have given up on other routes – audiologists and technology – and are, to coin a phrase, at the end of their tethers.

In these circumstances, they’ll travel any distance to find that special someone who can help.

We’re delighted to say, that’s us. And it’s why we all love what we do.

We’re happy to welcome anyone from anywhere to our Practice – our current client list includes visitors, not only from Europe, but also North and South America, Africa and Australia in fact, from every continent.

When our clients start their journey with us (wherever they set out from!), the first thing we do is to check their hearing, listening, and communication abilities. We then discuss their needs and, only after in depth dialogue, backed by extensive experience and research, will we suggest an Individual Treatment Plan incorporating the latest hearing technology.

Our conversations, clinical fitting process,  review protocols, on-going dialogue, coaching, fine tuning and ‘tweaking’ are all designed to support our clients by reducing their listening effort as much as possible.  The research evidence supporting our approach is overwhelming and we’re proud to achieve significantly happier clients and greater satisfaction outcomes than anyone else.

Less than 20% of audiologists employ our complete suite of clinical protocols when fitting, verifying and validating hearing technology fittings.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say that hearing aids can be worse than useless unless they are expertly selected, programmed and matched to the challenges experienced. The key is having a convenient opportunity to report back so we can make adjustments over time. Personalised care requires highly specialised skills and that’s why we’re recognised as experts.

International Clientele – Our Responsibility

We’re acutely aware of the commitment our clients make when they visit us, even if it’s from just down the road, so suggesting someone takes a long road trip or even an international flight is not something we do lightly. And so now, thanks to e-Audiology, we can support our clients to an even greater degree – whether they live in Harpenden or on the other side of the world.

e-Audiology: Noun – the provision of hearing screening assessment, audiological coaching, counselling, fitting and management remotely by means of telecommunication technology.

e-Audiology (more broadly known as ‘Telehealth’) is here right now. It’s come as the result of a new breed of hearing technology, married with smartphones and tablets. And so now, rather than the need to embark on multiple visits to our Practice, after an initial assessment and follow up session, we can provide virtual support (even fine-tuning and improving hearing aid functions) from a distance – remotely.

Video consulting technology also now allows us to see, talk to and care for our patients, almost as if they were in the room with us.  As anyone who has visited Hearing Healthcare Practice will tell you, ours is a deeply person-focused, family-centred practice so the quality of this virtual ‘closeness’ is vital.

Of course, technology can’t replace the need or importance of face-to-face consultations, but it does make the world a much smaller place, allowing us to connect at the touch of a button. Adding another layer of audiological guidance and help – wherever you might be.

e-Audiology is another first we’re embracing, ensuring the Hearing Healthcare Practice continues to push back the barriers of our profession. While others question how the ‘new world’ might work, we’re already there! So we can be sure to deliver more time, more care and more people-focused attention than ever before.

In addition to e-Audiology the Hearing Healthcare Practice is also the first hearing centre in the UK to use new OTOSCAN LASER EAR SCANNING technology – meaning we hold digital images of all our patients’ ears (no more ear impressions or physical objects to send out). Thus, we can share this information with our clients and our clinical partners around the world – instantly – for the accurate production of customised ear fittings in silicon, acrylic and titanium.

The way we do things… is changing

The evolution of technology has introduced new and innovative ways to deal with life’s ever changing systems – from entertainment to transportation to healthcare. So now, while the audiology community debates how this might affect it, we’re already embracing and growing, partnering with companies who can provide us with the tools to connect with each other more effectively. If you follow THIS LINK you’ll find out more about what we can do right now.

So, for our international clientele, eAudiology offers a wonderful opportunity for you to benefit from our service and expertise without the need for regular face-to-face international appointments.

And, if you’re reading this a long way from Harpenden, UK, and need the best audiological understanding and expertise there is, with e-Audiology,that’s now all possible!

Get in touch, from wherever you are in the world, and we’ll be delighted to help you.