September 28, 2013

Dependable, Trustworthy Award Winning

In less than 48 hours time, audiologist of the year 2013 award winners will be announced. Thanks to everyone who nominated us again this year.

Every year we receive a greater amount of nominations for Jo Rae, Robert Beiny & Zoe Steward. This year was no exception.

Our tally so far:

European Audiologist of the Year 2009
UK Audiologist of the Year 2009
Highly Acclaimed Commendation 2009
Highly Acclaimed Commendation 2010
Highly Acclaimed Commendation 2010
UK Audiologist of the Year 2011
Highly Acclaimed Commendation 2011

We hope to bring some good news on Monday.

From the acceptance that hearing is less than perfect to a place of hearing enlightenment is a journey that we embark with our clients.

It’s a road than can be easy to navigate for some and more challenging for others. But it’s a journey well worth taking.

As award winning audiologists we reinforce the fact that “getting an aid” is not an event but a process that takes a little time and effort.

We’re there to accompany you every step of the way, if you stumble we’ll support you. It’s that dependability that people put their trust in us year after year after year.

Our new practice is testament to our vision that if your hearing needs improvement you will want advice from a trusted professional in a relaxing environment where you are listened to and given the time to investigate a treatment plan that suits your needs.

We provide a level of care which is sadly lacking in today’s world. Why not call us and drop by to see the future of hearing care today.