January 6, 2020

Custom Hearing Protection – Know the Facts

Love Music?

Are you a musician or fan? In a band?
Professional or amateur? Electric or acoustic?
Classical, rock, pop or jazz?

Whoever you are, your ears are the gateway to experience the pleasure music provides.

Don’t abuse your hearing. Take advice and seek out high-quality hearing protection.


In 2020 we are starting a campaign to educate on the perils of ear treatments that are potentially dangerous in unskilled hands.

One area of particular relevance to those involved in music is the taking of Ear Impressions – needed when in-ear monitors or custom hearing protection is being prepared.

At Hearing Healthcare Practice we use best practice methodology in this process to guarantee the end product is highly effective, fits correctly and increases the pleasures of listening or playing music.

The taking of ear impressions by unskilled people is, frankly, dangerous.

Before anyone takes your ear impression ASK:

Are they trained properly?
Do they have professional qualifications?
Is the environment clinically clean?
Are they clinically trained?
Are they insured to carry out the procedure?

You should always have the benefits of custom hearing protection explained, but you should also be advised regarding the small, but important, risks involved.

At Hearing Healthcare Practice we promote the need for your Informed Consent to be sought before we examine your ears.
It provides you with a clear appreciation of why your ear health matters, the procedures we will employ, the protocols we follow and the risks involved.

No matter where you’re getting your impressions taken, we believe Informed Consent is imperative to protect you properly.
If you haven’t had this explained, our advice is to walk away.

Your ears are at risk. Treat them with respect.

If you’d like advice on all aspects of hearing protection and hearing health, contact the Hearing Healthcare Practice – the Hearing Wellness Experts.