April 18, 2020

Covid-19 Update 6 – 18.4.20

We are very busy using the quieter time to work on improving our practice ready in anticipation of reopening our doors fully to welcome you all back. The last month has been a very trying time for everybody and above all, we hope that you are all remaining well and safe.

Before Covid-19, many people told us they enjoy their visits to our practice as it’s a calm, welcoming and relaxing space.  But our practice seems an extra quiet place without you.

This week we’ve helped many of you remotely or using our drive up to the door, kerb side service. So if you’re having any issues we can help with, please email or call and we’ll do the best we can, as fast as we can.

If your spirits are low or you’re just lonely, one of us will be happy to chat with you. Don’t be shy just let us know as we’re just a call or video chat away.

Remember each day is a day nearer to being able to resume our lives.

Stay safe and we can’t wait to welcome you back inside our practice soon.

Love from us all at The Hearing Healthcare Practice.