September 1, 2012

Coming Home

A few years ago British Telecom now BT launched an advertising campaign around the title They’re Coming Home.

The premise of the campaign was to inform people that some of BT’s customers had been wooed by new telecoms providers to switch supplier by claiming cheaper pricing or better service.

But after a short period of time many people decided that on reflection their new telecoms provider fell far short of their expectations and decided to return to BT.

In an interesting turn of events we are seeing the same thing at The Hearing Healthcare Practice.

Changes in government regulation has opened the doors in recent years to new companies marketing hearing aid services. Many times these companies market on price whilst offering the world and more in return.

Quite a lot of these new entrants into our profession have disappeared without trace. Others have just failed to deliver leaving people disgruntled and out-of-pocket.

Regrettably a few of our patients have been convinced to go elsewhere.

But we have recently seen people returning to ask for our help again. From large high-street optical and chemist chains to smaller individual companies (some working in legally!) we have heard tales of people being let down time and time again.

We have been told how happy they are to know that we still have a constant presence in Hertfordshire and that we are able to sort out their difficulties once again.

No matter where you are or who you consulted in the past we are always happy to spend the time to sort out your problems.

It is a pleasure to be able to help and we are most grateful to anyone that asks for our support.