September 21, 2017

Positive Feedback

Maureen has been a Hearing Healthcare Practice client for 5 years. Due to a tumour developing in her cochlear nerve, she has a complex hearing issue which has left her with one ear which can no longer interpret and distinguish sound as everything is distorted.

Her better ear has lost hearing too and, before she attended our Practice, she had resigned herself to the fact that nothing more could be done.

But that was before she walked through our doors!

Maureen’s Treatment Plan had recently been updated and a special device has been made for her and, after 6 weeks she has returned and has just sent us this email.

“Thank you so much for today and the care you show. I promised a few comments which, with hindsight , I should have done at the time my new aids were fitted.

“After the fitting when I left your building I was immediately aware that everything sounded “normal”. There was no intrusive background noise which I had grown used to (reluctantly) everything sounded as as it used to which I described as “magic”

“At church I rarely use the the loop but can hear well in most cases when the speaker uses a microphone. TV, telephone etc are all easier. I feel that the new arrangement is next best thing to perfect hearing.

“I am reminded that when I first had aids I was told that they’re not like glasses which correct your eyesight they merely amplify sound. How far we have come since then.

I am also so grateful for the regular aftercare. When I left today I told your reception staff that you need to change your logo to ‘Hearing Healthcare Practice change people’s lives’ – and I mean this most sincerely!”

Audiology. We love what we do!