November 8, 2016

Cliff Richard and Hearing Technology

Such a shame to read in a recent article that The Daily Mail believes that the near invisible hearing technology in Sir Cliff’s ear is a sensational news story.

At the Hearing Healthcare Practice we have been fitting hearing aids for high profile clients for decades of ALL ages. It’s a normal everyday event not a unique event.

Many are really happy to talk about what a life changer it is for them.

Articles like this simply reinforce old negative stereotypes that hearing loss just affects the older generation and, saying that Sir Cliff ‘grimaced’, implies that wearing a hearing aid is unpleasant or uncomfortable for some reason.

The therapeutic benefits of hearing aid technology are consistently proven and the scientific evidence or their value is overwhelming.

So, come on journalists stop sensationalising the negatives and promote positive hearing healthcare news stories!

Audiologists work tirelessly everyday to reinforce positive messages about hearing loss and the every increasing array of hearing technology that’s available. When will we stop making a thing about hearing loss and hearing aids as being something to be embarrassed about?

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