April 24, 2017

Clearly Speaking

A common comment we hear at the Hearing Healthcare¬†Practice is: “If everyone spoke as clearly as you, I wouldn’t have any problem hearing!”

We spend our working lives talking, educating and guiding our patients on their hearing healthcare journey so we have developed a way of speaking that improves our clients’ ability to understand and interact with us.

Speaking slowly, never turning away and enunciating every vowel, consonant and syllable significantly improves communication. If we say something that is misunderstood we never repeat the same word or talk louder. We just use different words to say the same thing.

To us this all makes common sense and we find when we explain this to our patient’s partners, family and friends that they can really help in improving their ability to communicate.

This article specifically targets those of 60 years and older, but these communication tips are relevant to anyone who’s hearing is less than perfect.