November 14, 2020

Best Practice… Best Practices

A picture paints a thousand words

Best Practice – always

Ever since lockdown in March, community audiology practices (that’s the category we fall into!), retail high street hearing aid shops, and NHS clinics have been tasked with adapting our services to comply with the government’s  ‘Hands, Space, Face’ guidelines.

At Hearing Healthcare Practice our unique brand of empathy-driven, emotionally engaged, audiological guidance has moved with the times as we adopt new ways of delivering our service.

Our principles of upholding best practices in audiological care remain at the bedrock of our approach. We simply refuse to compromise on these principles.

Doing things right, trying to be the best we can, breaking barriers, and never saying never, dominate our approach.

We’re regularly asked for advice about other providers of hearing care services by the public and how they compare with Hearing Healthcare Practice. Although we can never know or guarantee what others might do, or say, or how they perform behind closed doors, there might be some clues in an organisation’s digital presence. A quick tour of a website, social media posts or online comments might provide an insight into core values.

As clinicians we are always searching the internet for inspiration and, we afraid to say, we come across an alarming amount of hearing aid providers featuring images of unsafe ear examinations. 

For example. We use a device called an otoscope to look into someone’s ear canal. It must be held in the correct way using a bracing method otherwise it’s plainly dangerous.

The first set of four images above are from the British Society of Audiology Recommended Procedures and illustrate the correct and safe way to use an otoscope while also highlighting the unsafe way to examine an ear.

However, the two ‘model shot’  images below are from online websites for hearing aid providers. We leave it to you to ask the question in whose hands you would place your trust?

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