June 23, 2022

Best Practice… and the simple things

As a leading provider of clinical best practice, we are continually looking to improve our service to our clients. This relentless search begins with scouring professional literature and reviewing the evidence base for proven methods we can adopt. 

But our search isn’t just limited to clinical practices, it extends to every area of our practice, from administration and marketing, to financial control and our team’s well-being. 

There isn’t an area of Hearing Healthcare Practice that is off-limits, our goal is to ensure every department presents the very best of itself to everyone we engage with.  

We invest so much energy and effort in this continual search for self-improvement that we sometimes fail to acknowledge the systems we’ve had in place for decades that just work and we take for granted. 

The bedrock of any long-term sustainable business is to present itself with honesty and integrity so clients develop trust in dealing with us, as they know we have their best interests at heart. 

This week a new client mistakenly set up an online payment for their hearing treatment, twice. 

As soon as we were made aware of the error, we of course expedited an immediate refund. 

Remarkably to us, our client was surprised by how efficiently and swiftly this was dealt with and sent us the following email;  

“Work has kept me away from this PC for a while, so this is the first opportunity I have had to respond.

Thank you for the way you have dealt with my wife’s treatment and the swift refund that you have made back to our bank account.

It was purely an oversight on our behalves and we were pleasantly both surprised and refreshed in both your demeanor and the prompt way you dealt with a problem entirely of our own making.

Please accept this mail as an endorsement of your professionalism which can’t be faulted.”

We are fortunate to receive regular five-star reviews from our clients for our service, but it’s nice to know that the efficiency of our backup processes are also so well appreciated.