January 23, 2020

The Best Hearing Aids in Hertfordshire

Best Hearing Aids Hertfordshire

The Best Hearing Aids in Hertfordshire – specifically in Harpenden, Hertfordshire – aren’t actually the tiny pieces of remarkable hearing technology that fit inside your ear… they’re, actually, people.  Namely, they’re Robert, Jo and Angie – hearing aid audiologists at Hearing Healthcare Practice who, between them have well over half a century’s experience caring for, and aiding, their patients – from Hertfordshire and, in fact, from all around the world. Why? Because it’s their experience, care, patience and professional skill that really make the difference and set Hearing Healthcare Practice apart.

Hearing Aid Awards

And, if you should need some independent corroboration, take a look at the awards they’ve won. Not only have team members’ won the prestigious UK Audiologist of the Year Award three times, they’ve won the Best European Audiologist title twice (a unique achievement) and picked up a further eleven awards and commendations – again unique amongst hearing aid audiologists in the UK.

Audiologist Jo Rae explains;

“Although, of course, recommending and fitting hearing aids is to most people the visible thing we do, there is so much more to that role than the piece of technology itself. At Hearing Healthcare we describe ourselves as a Hearing Wellness Company and that means a great deal more than simply being expert in the fitting of Hearing Aids. We deal with people, with their lives and the challenges they face. We get to know our patients and to understand them – a huge cliché I know, but everyone’s different and everyone who faces a hearing challenge does so in a different way. In other words, we really get to know how their hearing, and hearing challenges, are impacting their real lives.”

Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing Healthcare Practice has some of the most advanced, technical hearing assessments available. These state of the art tests, carried out at Hearing Healthcare Practice’s purpose built consulting rooms in Harpenden, are provided for every client. A choice of the world’s most advanced hearing aids from all the leading manufacturers – or hearing technology as they prefer to describe it – is too. But it’s the balance between this technological advancement and personal, experts, unhurried, human approach that makes the difference.

As Practice Founder, Robert Beiny, underlines;

“Although there’s a great deal of technical skill involved in the specifying, tuning and successful fitting of hearing aids, it’s the human skills – of understanding and, of course, listening – that can really make the difference between success and failure for a patient. At Hearing Healthcare we spend all the we need time with our patients, we listen and learn and we NEVER, never ever, simply fit a hearing aid (especially, as is sadly the case with many High Street Hearing chains, if it’s the one WE want to sell, rather than the one the patient needs).

“That’s the secret of our success and why, I’m proud to say, we’re one of the best audiologists in the UK.”

Although Robert, Jo and Angie laugh at the thought of being Hertfordshire’s Finest Hearing Aids, they do appreciate the sentiment.

“If the best, unbiased hearing advice, care, patient dedication and life changing success make us the best Hearing Aids in Hertfordshire, then we’re very happy!”

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