September 18, 2017

Because you’re unique, so are we…

At the Hearing Healthcare Practice and we’ve been reflecting on our bespoke hearing healthcare service and some of the successes we’ve achieved for our clients and patients.

We have received so many lovely letters and cards of thanks and support from people who have put their trust and faith in our unique brand of hearing care, but one thing that stands out for us is how similar clients’ experiences were before they came to see us. And when we look at these we truly appreciate how our service differs.

As we rush headlong to a fully connected world with Artificial Intelligence at the heart of everything, audiology and hearing aid companies are looking for a quick fix for what often a complicated and unique problem. Perhaps this is why so many clients have been seen, and let down, elsewhere before they come to see us. In many cases they’ve lost hope.

They have fallen through the gaps in a system because their problems are specific, complex and non routine.

This week alone we have welcomed clients from Herts, Beds, Bucks, Middx, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, London, even Moscow and Monaco!

It has been a real pleasure to be this hearing lifeline to people from so many different backgrounds, each and every one with a different issue and set of needs.

And so, our bespoke hearing healthcare is designed around them. Whatever they need.