December 28, 2020


2021 sees us celebrating our 40th anniversary as Harpenden and Hertfordshire’s only community-based audiology and hearing specialist.

Ever-present, operating from our own premises exclusively dedicated to hearing care.

As our attention isn’t distracted by clients demanding other services, we have been able to focus all our attention on becoming the local hearing specialists.

We appreciate others have needed to diversify so view their relationship with you as a retail transaction. Clients are devalued to customers as relationships and partnerships have been formed with opticians and chemists and premises shared. Hearing aids, long classed as medical devices are being subtly repositioned as consumer electronics devices and promoted in store alongside electric razors, shampoo and sunglasses.

In our professional experience this is presenting hearing aid fittings as a simple process, a ‘fit and go’ solution which, in our opinion, sadly is not the case and leads to huge disappointment and buyers’ remorse.

Our own relationship with our patients and clients is borne out by our desire to provide some sense of purpose in this fast-paced world where no-one seems to have the time or patience to go above and beyond. We refer to our clients as ‘friends of the practice’,  our Director of Audiology Robert explains more HERE.

We will be celebrating the start of our 41st year by doing what we do best, opening our doors again on 4th January and providing the dedicated essential hearingcare service we have become renowned for.