March 28, 2012

Beam me up Scotty

For those of you who understand that the Star Trek reference we are really excited about one thing at the American Congress.

An American company has developed the first technique that will allow and audiologist to take an impression of someone’s ear without using any form of impression material.

A camera is placed into the Here which takes a series of images which are then relayed to a computer screen. Clever technology then turns this into a 3-D image which can be designed on screen and sent electronically as an email attachments to a laboratory.

This new technology will allow us for the first time to take casts of peoples ears with out any impression material being needed. It is the opportunity to create a perfect scan of the ear and significantly increase the comfort and fitting of hearing aids and custom hearing protection.

We first saw this science fiction based technology in January and hope to confirm the delivery of the first system in the UK.

Our peers, clients and referral sources expect us to innovate. This new technology is another reason why the hearing healthcare practice in Harpenden should be your first choice when thinking about seeking advice from hearing care professionals.