December 11, 2012

Our Award Winning Service Available to All

We are sometimes asked to take on a client who has had hearing aids fitted elsewhere.

Many hearing centres turn away members of the public in need if they didn’t supply the hearing aids initially – but that’s not the case at The Hearing Healthcare Practice.

News has reached us that a company called Digital Hearing Solutions has closed its doors, leaving some clients without access to much needed support.

If your hearing aid provider is no longer around or if you want a second opinion on how your current hearing aids are working, then why not call us and make an appointment to see one of our audiologists who may be able to help you further where others have failed.

That’s exactly what happended to an old client Gillian who returned to the practice recently. Her new hearing aid provider struggled to set up and personalise her hearing aids to work correctly and after umpteen visits she had enough and turned to us for help.

One appointment and her comments sum it up for her and us:

“there’s no doubt whatsoever that you provided me with a huge improvement!

Thank you.”