February 2, 2017

The Audiologist of the Year Awards 2017

It’s with great anticipation that we announce the launch of the 2017 Audiologist of the Year competition. We like to think of the competition as our very own Oscars.

Hearing Healthcare Practice Audiologists, Robert Beiny, Jo Rae and Sanna Aziz have received hundreds of nominations in the Awards since 2009 and we hope this year we’ll add to our record.

The judges consider each individual nomination on its own merit and select one audiologist to be awarded the coveted title each year. The organisers realised one award was insufficient and expanded the competition to recognise examples of exceptional audiological care in the form of a special commendation. 

The UK Audiologist of the Year Winner is then entered in a further competition to select the ultimate prize: European Audiologist of the Year.

We are very proud to have been recipients of the following awards in previous awards:

2009 European Audiologist of the Year Robert Beiny 
2009 UK Audiologist of the Year Robert Beiny 
2009 Commendation Jo Rae
2010 Commendation Jo Rae
2010 Commendation Robert Beiny
2011 UK Audiologist of the Year Robert Beiny
2011 Commendation Jo Rae
2013 Commendation Robert Beiny 
2014 Commendation Robert Beiny 
2015 Commendation Robert Beiny 
2016 Commendation Sanna Aziz
2016 Commendation Robert Beiny

We really appreciate the many patients and clients who have taken the time to nominate us and tell their stories. You’ve helped to make us the most recognised hearing healthcare practice in the UK.