June 9, 2016

Audiologist of the Year Nominations

The annual audiologist of the year nominations have been coming in for our Audiologists Sanna, Jo & Robert.

The competition closes for entries on 8th July and many of our clients have supported us again this year explaining about the special relationship they have with their own specialist and the team.

Quentin sent us his comments today:

“Robert has been my audiologist for more than 20 years now and I have had five or six new pairs of hearing aids in that time. Why do I keep coming back? There are cheaper more convenient outlets for audiologist services springing up all the time. At the heart of my decision making is trust, respect and excellent service. I have complete trust that Robert has my best interests in mind first and foremost, I respect his expertise and knowledge and his relentless search for solutions which might suit my hearing needs and finally he always goes the extra mile to see me and counsel me at times which suit my busy life. He recently recommended resound enzo aids along with apple iphone connectivity . This has transformed my hearing experience and whilst profoundly deaf I have finally joined the digital age and can enjoy music and films in stereo without wires, loops or headphones. It has taken me back on a journey to a time when music played a more important part of my life and I am loving it ! Even my kids are impressed – their Dad is kinda cool having these inbuilt media devices. Robert has really helped to improve the quality of my life both at work and at play and I am happier and healthier as a consequence”.