June 9, 2020

Re-opening Update 9/6/20


We’re really excited to announce Phase 2 of our re-opening set for Monday 15th June 2020.

As a Wellness Centre focused on hearing and communication during Phase 1, we remained open throughout, providing essential critical audiological support. Robert has personally manned the Practice alone with his wife and partner,  Ali, supporting from home answering calls so our team could remain safely furloughed.

But now, we’re preparing for a gradual return and to open our doors… cautiously.

So, when you contact us to book an appointment and when you visit us, you’ll notice some things have changed. But one aspect which will never waiver is our commitment to support your cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being through the best audiological practice.

How long these changes will be in place is anyone’s guess, but we want to assure you we are constantly monitoring the evidence and will implement any changes necessary to ensure everyone’s safety whilst keeping the Practice meticulously clean and safe. We know you would expect nothing less of us.

We will only be able to see patients strictly by appointment and these will be staggered to reduce mixing with others. Our doors will remain closed and you’ll be admitted at the time of your appointment only.

We will be observing social distancing, wearing PPE as indicated, and limiting the time we spend close to you. Our rooms will be locked down and left fallow before hospital-grade antiviral disinfection is carried out after your visit. This will significantly reduce how many people we will be able to see each day.  In order to keep waiting times manageable whilst our team gradually returns from furlough, we will extend our hours to accommodate as many people as possible as we will be working at 15% capacity for some time.

We are making these changes to limit the amount of time you spend away from home and minimise the time you are in the Practice. We will spend time speaking to you by phone or email before you come in, so we can manage your treatment efficiently and avoid bringing you into the Practice unnecessarily. Wherever possible we will also be moving much of your appointment online – if your hearing aid technology supports it. You’ll need to have access to an up-to-date smartphone or tablet capable of running the latest apps and be happy to use video conferencing technologies like Zoom, Teams, Facetime, WhatsApp etc. These sessions have been a real success since lockdown and are like visiting us in person but without the need to travel.

PHASE 2 MICRO SUCTION – Re-opening Tuesday 16th June 2020

The first wave of appointments are reserved exclusively for those who’ve been patiently waiting for micro-suction ear cleaning services.

PHASE 3 CONSULTATIONS – Re-opening Monday 6th July 2020

We will resume appointments for hearing and tinnitus evaluations, hearing treatment technology and hearing aid fitting, ear scans and impressions etc.  Again, we have a  waiting list at the moment – people who we will endeavour to see first.


Later in the year, we will launch the final Phase 4 of our re-opening which will see us return to our normal practices, including all in-depth, face to face appointments where there isn’t an essential clinical need for an earlier visit or where we are unable to provide remote virtual support.

Thanks for bearing with us.

Continue to stay safe and we do hope to see you again, perhaps online, before long.

Hearing Healthcare Practice

The Hearing Wellness Company