November 30, 2020

Are you suffering from… Coverload?

Coverload (noun, adjective)

1) a state of mind. An individual’s reaction to the relentless stream of information, verbal, written, broadcast, or digitally delivered, relating to the Coronavirus global pandemic.

2) descriptive “I just can’t take in any more negative information about this pandemic, I think I’m suffering from coverload!”

After constantly being told stay safe,  that we’re living through unprecedented times or this is our new normal, it’s no surprise that we’re having to invent new words to describe our feelings. 

At Hearing Healthcare Practice, we have to admit we’ve been guilty of falling into the coverload covertrap (!) as our recent posts have mentioned Covid 19 with alarming regularity. And so, we’ve decided… enough is enough… and, henceforth, we’re returning to our pre-pandemic default position of publishing stories which we hope will be of interest – thought-provoking, uplifting, or maybe even, light-hearted. This certainly isn’t to diminish the importance of what we’ve all been through, where we are in December 2020, and of what lays ahead. 

The good news is our Practice has remained open throughout 2020, for longer hours rather than less, as we’ve adapted to delivering our award-winning service within the restrictions. We’ve been a hearing lifeline for those already isolated by their hearing difficulties and we’re been delighted to continue to serve our patients old and new, local and international, by every means available to us. We’ll continue to operate throughout the winter, albeit with a few days closed to spend with our close family over Christmas and New Year, before we welcome 2021 and start to celebrate our 40th year anniversary as a community based audiology practice. More of this in future posts.

But for now, you can relax in the knowledge that if you visit us, you’ll be 100% safe and very, very welcome. Our clients have come to expect nothing less. We have never cut corners in what we do and we never will. Hearing Healthcare Practice is our home, a hub where we come together every day to collaborate and create; constantly evolving and challenging the status quo in a profession where compromise is often the norm.

For us, that’ll do is NEVER good enough.

Ash (43) wrote to us recently and said: “You are by far the best audiologist I’ve ever worked with and I truly mean that. Thanks for taking the time to understand things from my point of view and for being so patient.”

Diane (55) echoed this sentiment adding: “Quite simply, you’ve changed my life” 

If you’d like to discover why our clients become ambassadors for our approach and friends of the Practice, contact us just click here

In the meantime, avoid coverload, stay safe and well.