June 11, 2023

Another Five Star Review

5 star audiology service
We were really delighted to receive Jenny’s review this week. It’s always lovely to learn our clients are happy with our service, but when they also take the time to highlight individual efforts, it means so much to us.
Letitia, or Tish as she’s known around the Practice, joined us four years ago. For the past 24 months, she has been studying for her degree and will be graduating next month. Along the way, she has passed her modules and has taken up a greater role in seeing clients.
Well done Tish!
Jenny said:
“I was assisted by Letitia Howes who demonstrated a great deal of empathy and understanding towards my condition of having a blocked ear which was making me feel disassociated from what was going on around me. She explained the process in full to me and demonstrated to me using the latest technology what the inside of my ears looked like and why I was unable to hear. Letitia is very patient focused putting you at ease throughout. You can tell that she is very passionate about her role and therefore doing a good job is important to her. 
“The whole process took about ten minutes and I can now hear properly. The impact to my everyday life has been amazingly positive. My husband feels the same as he is now no longer the only one who can hear our baby if she gets up in the middle of the night!
“I would 100% recommend Hearing Healthcare Practice.”