August 31, 2022

Feeling Blessed

No matter how many times we receive positive reviews it always reminds us of how blessed we are to do the job we do, in the unique way we do it.

Enid recently visited us from Ware, in Hertfordshire, and had this to say:

“It was a chance meeting some 25 years ago that led to me consulting Hearing Healthcare Practice – they have been caring for my hearing ever since.  During that time they have dealt 
with my inevitably changing hearing with the greatest skill and compassion and have been able to maintain my quality of life using the newest, most advanced developments. 

“Their service is excellent, most efficient and pleasant, and it’s true when they say nothing is too much trouble!  They were there right through the Covid epidemic providing a safe and well organised environment. 

“I cannot recommend Hearing Healthcare Practice too strongly for anyone suffering with their hearing – a distressing and isolating condition too often disregarded and ignored by the medical establishment.

“I’d be lost without knowing they are there to help me as and when I need it.”