January 11, 2012


It has come to our attention that several audiologists in the UK are misleading the public by claiming to be ‘award winners’ in the annual Audiologist of the Year Awards.

On several websites there are claims that some audiologists have won the outright award which is not truly accurate.

According to recent reports, MP Kris Hopkins, speaking in the House of Commons recently claimed that even one of his constituents had been recognised as audiologist of the year.

For accuracy, we would like to clarify the awards position for our patients, clients and referrers.

The awards were launched in 2008 and the winners to date are:

2008 Lisa Binns Smith
Binns Hearing Healthcare Bradford
2009 Robert Beiny
The Hearing Healthcare Practice Harpenden
2010 David Bryce Scottish Hearing services
2011 Robert Beiny The Hearing Healthcare Practice Harpenden

In 2009 Robert Beiny of The Hearing Healthcare Practice Harpenden also went on to be crowned European Audiologist of the Year.

The awards also single out other audiologists for special commendations. It is these commendations which are being promoted as award winning.

Our own Jo Rae has been selected for special commendation in 2009, 2010 & 2011.

Robert Beiny was also commended in 2010 as well.

We congratulate all of our colleagues around the country for their dedication to their clients and their profession but only Lisa, Robert & David can officially claim to be Audiologist of the Year.

Hearing Healthcare Practice Harpenden is unique amongst this elite group being able to claim 3 outright Awards including the top European Prize as well as 4 commendations.