July 18, 2022

Every Client: our Only Client

Photo by Alois Komenda on Unsplash

It seems our daily news reports are dominated by a small handful of recurring stories.

One story, which is repeated with alarming regularity, highlights the difficulty in arranging an appointment to see a GP or other healthcare provider. It’s one reason why more people are seeking help privately to circumnavigate waiting lists, access help faster, and gain reassurance that they can call on the support they need, when they need it.

We are often asked what sets Hearing Healthcare Practice apart from other private audiology clinics and hearing aid providers. In fact, our approach differs in almost every aspect:

First, a simple thing – which really isn’t rocket science – is to treat every client as our only client, giving them our complete attention and time, whilst always being respectful. It amazes us how many times we hear of instances where the most basic principles of client service have been promised, but not delivered. We always aim to treat people the way we would like to be treated ourselves – an we’ve done this for over 40 years. This goes to the very heart of our existence.

What should be a simple prerequisite of running any successful enterprise, it would seem, is not always a given… and it can be down to a roll of the dice as to whether we receive the service we’d expect.

The following extract was published in the consumer letters page of a national daily newspaper this week. It concerns a respected High Street retailer which also operates a hearing care service and highlights how they have failed their client.

Whilst, it’s true that mistakes can happen, it’s difficult to think of why this lady had ten (10!) appointments canceled to sort out a problem with her hearing aids.

Hearing is our most important sense, in fact, it has been called our social sense as it connects us with other people and allows us to fully engage with the world around us. Without it, we become isolated and, among other things, can also become resentful.

At Hearing Healthcare Practice, we are fully invested in our team and our practice so a situation like this will never happen to one of our clients. We are fortunate to have three fully equipped consulting rooms and four highly experienced audiology professional full-time staff and we’re open every day, all day (we take the weekends off but everyone deserves a break!) But during the week, our door is always open.

If you are considering a private assessment to check your hearing and to learn what hearing treatment options might be suitable for you, we believe you won’t find a more competent and caring provider than us.

If you’d like more information, why not get in touch? It will be our pleasure to guide you.