April 29, 2019

The Best Independent Hearing Healthcare Provider in the Country… probably.

Which puts independent hearing aid providers top

(Part 1) – with apologies to a well know Danish lager manufacturer

According to the latest Which? Magazine survey, if you’re looking for a practice to provide you with top support for hearing issues, you’ll get the best service from an independent audiologist.

As a leading independent audiological centre and the recipient of 15 awards in the Annual Audiologist of the Year competition since 2009, the Hearing Healthcare Practice based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, just might be the Best Hearing Healthcare Provider in the country?

The researchers for Which? surveyed over 3,000 people who wear hearing aids about their experiences. They questioned people who obtained their hearing aids through large High Street companies, national chains, an optical/hearing aid provider and smaller, local independent centres.

Local Satisfaction

Local independent hearing clinics scored an impressive 87% overall rating in all categories providing the best value for money. Interestingly the companies with the lowest charges also scored poorly in delivering value for money. Crucially in the findings, independent clinics recorded the highest levels of ‘professional and knowledgeable staff’ – at the Hearing Healthcare Practice this is of course the heart of what we do.

At the Hearing Healthcare Practice we have built our reputation around a unique blend of clinical excellence, exemplary client service and attention to audiological detail, wrapped up in a highly personal experience. Although hearing aid technology is important, it’s only one component of delivering the highest quality audiological care.

The Which? findings are shown here:

Scores and ratings are based on an online survey conducted in April 2018 of 3183 Which? members who had obtained a hearing aid from Amplifon, Boots, Hidden Hearing, local Independents, Scrivens and Specsavers within the previous five years.

“nil” denotes not enough respondents to rate this. Overall Score is a combination of overall satisfaction and the likelihood the person would recommend the provider to a friend. Star Ratings: staff is based on professionalism and knowledge of staff; testing is based on thoroughness of examination and testing; product range is based on the range of hearing aids offered; hearing aid suitability rates the suitability of the hearing aids for the individual.

These results come as no surprise as our own internal surveys highlight how our holistic approach scores above a 97% approval rating. Our clients and patients repeatedly tell us that they appreciate we take the time to get to know them and to discuss their difficulties meaning that any Treatment Plan we recommend will be best suited to overcome their issues. Of particular importance, our clients feel they can place their trust in our team to provide them with the best audiological guidance and coaching.

The Which? report acknowledged it takes time and patience to fit and adjust to hearing aids. The survey found clients rated independent clinics highly in that regard.

If you want to baseline your hearing levels or require an in-depth hearing, listening and communication abilities assessment the Hearing Healthcare Practice has a range of different services available: online screening, in office checkup with an audiologist or a full clinical evaluation. Please contact us and we’ll tell you which service is best for you.

If you already wear hearing aids and are less than satisfied with the results, please contact us and discover why the Which? survey rated independent practices so highly.

Next up Part 2: Which? also surveyed the difference between private and NHS audiology care. We’ll publish their findings in the final blog post in this series.