September 4, 2017

A State of Independence

As summer holidays come to an end, the world of audiology gears up for a busy period. Over the next 6 weeks all hearing technology companies will release brand new ‘never seen before’ solutions for us to learn about and evaluate. We then select the best and add them to our expanding portfolio – so that we always have an option for our clients to improve how well they hear.

In some cases, we are involved in the development of these innovations –many tech companies approach us for our opinion on how their new hearing systems operate and for advice on clients’ needs.

As a result, we’re travelling to attend international meetings in Germany and Denmark as well as smaller presentations in the UK to collaborate with our peers. It’s an exciting time for us as we become inspired by the greater benefits we will be able to offer our patients.

Independent Audiologists

We can do this because we’re totally independent and this is more important today than ever before. Our audiologists, Jo, Robert and Sanna, have the freedom to select and prescribe treatment plans and technology from any source without restriction, putting our clients’ needs first, above every other consideration.

Regrettably we see many people whose previous experience has led them to be fitted with hearing aids which were specified for less altruistic reasons. Many large hearing aid distributors have tied relationships with retailers or they own the retailers themselves so it’s in their interest to fit their own products – limiting the range of choice and significantly restricting how well their clients are likely to hear. Some high street retailers even offer their own brand hearing aids further hiding what is being fitted, resorting to older technology with less benefits and limited life expectancy.

Which?, the consumer magazine, has published a recent article highlighting this relationship. In their most recent report independent hearing providers topped every category and resulted in clients being the happiest. Five stars were awarded for:

* ease of arranging appointments;

* range of products;

* transparency on pricing;

* suitability of solution;

* professionalism and knowledge of staff;

* clarity of verbal and written information;

* customer service;

* handling of questions and concerns;

* cleanliness and comfort of premises and

* level of privacy

To read the full Which? Who owns Who? report, click HERE

Hearing Healthcare Practice is completely independent audiologist and continually strives to provide the very best that is available for our clients and to lead the field of audiology. Audiologist of the Year is our profession’s Oscars and our audiologists have been shortlisted and won awards on an unprecedented 12 occasions since 2009. This year Jo, Robert and Sanna, have all been nominated again in the prestigious competition. The Awards are announced at the end of September and all of us at Hearing Healthcare Practice wish them good luck.