July 26, 2018

In the Press – About the Hearing Healthcare Practice

Hearing Healthcare Practice

‘Award Winning Hearing Healthcare in Hertfordshire’. The following article recently appeared in Hertfordshire Life Magazine. If you don’t know Hearing Healthcare Practice, it’s an excellent introduction to our work and what drives us to to offer our unique service:

The Hearing Healthcare Practice in Harpenden has a reputation that is truly international. Not only is it the only hearing healthcare team ever to have won their profession’s ‘Oscar’, the European Audiologist of the Year Award twice (they have also won the top UK award three times), their Practice now welcomes clients from all over Hertfordshire and the South East, and as far afield as Scotland, the USA, Russia and even Australia.

Award Winning Hearing Healthcare in Hertfordshire

So what makes the Hearing Healthcare Practice so special, and why is a common theme that runs though so many of their patient testimonials, ‘you saved my life’?

For a start it’s not unreasonable to say that there’s probably no other hearing practice in the UK, or even in the world, that’s quite like the Hearing Healthcare Practice. Their many awards and testimonials are evidence of this, but it’s only when you understand the passion, ethos and best clinical practice that lies behind the Practice’s state-of-the-art Harpenden home that you appreciate that this is so much more than a provider of hearing aids.

Hearing Healthcare Practice

So much more.

The Hearing Healthcare Practice was established in the early 1980’s. Since then the world has witnessed a revolution in technology, not only in communication and the Internet but in hearing technology too

While few would disagree that the Internet is extraordinary it, and a growing number of high street hearing aid providers, have created the impression that hearing health is ALL about technology, and at a knock down price. If you have a problem, just put the latest tech in your ear – or perhaps more accurately – the hearing aid a particular retailer wants to sell you, and you’re sorted!

This, as the Hearing Healthcare Practice has proven, is NOT the solution and it is why audiologists, Jo Rae, Angelique Da Costa and founder, Robert Beiny see so many distressed people who have given up on the hearing industry and, more sadly, on their hearing.

As audiologist Jo Rae, a specialist in Tinnitus, explains;

“Real hearing healthcare, with life changing solutions takes time, it takes real expertise, it takes patience and clinical excellence. It’s a journey, shared by clinician and patient with a common goal. Technology plays its part, of course, but technology is only as effective as the person who’s specifying, fitting, tuning and maintaining it. Hearing healthcare is not an out of the box solution.

Her colleague Angelique Da Costa continues; “I’ve worked with a range audiological practices and busy ENT departments and it’s clear that at the Hearing Healthcare Practice is different. Crucially, we take the time that’s needed to really know our clients, to understand their hearing issues, to guide them to the best solution and a positive outcome – no matter how long that takes, no problem is too big to address or too small to ignore.”

That the Hearing Healthcare Practice’s unique holistic and rigorous best practice approach works is abundantly clear and it also explains why so many patients, young and old, become evangelical about the Practice.

As Practice Founder, Robert Beiny highlights; “Less than 20% of audiologists employ best practice protocols and yet studies show that 96% of patients are satisfied when best practice is followed, as opposed to just 18% satisfaction when it’s not! Our client satisfaction sits at just over 99% and our extraordinary focus on best practice clearly has a lot to do with that.”

But there’s still something more.

Many clients come to the Hearing Healthcare Practice as a last hope, desperate to find a solution to a problem no one else seems able to fix, or fed up of being ignored by a system that often puts a quick sale before long term results.

“Although,” agrees the team, “we look after many patients with many stories to a significant group we’re the chance saloon! We step in where others fear to tread and when people need something better, beyond their expectations.

“For those searching for ‘cheap hearing aids’ on the web, you won’t find us. Search for ‘UK’s best audiologist’ and you will.”

If you or a family member are having problems hearing or if you’re dissatisfied with your current hearing healthcare, come and see the team at the Hearing Healthcare Practice. Whether you’re visiting from Hertfordshire… or Australia, we’ll look forward to welcoming you.

“Award Winning Hearing Healthcare in Hertfordshire” – originally printed in Hertfordshire Life magazine