January 11, 2018

Good… but could do better

Here’s a BBC news story regarding hearing loss and underlining the importance of preserving our hearing ability and why this is good for our overall general, physical and mental health.

Sadly the article is slightly dismissive of the most important thing which can be done to have a positive effect on hearing ability – using hearing technology. The article reinforces a stereotypical and outmoded view that people are “are worried about being given a large and very obtrusive hearing aid.”

It goes on to say: “So if you don’t want to go for a hearing aid, but struggle in social situations, then you might want to try some listening tips”.

It is incumbent on clinicians, audiologists, medics, the media and the hearing aid industry to educate, educate, educate about why outdated representations of what we can achieve to help people does far more harm than good.

You can read the BBC article HERE