(Audiologist of the Year Nomination)
My issues started around 3 months ago. After 39 years of hearing perfectly to waking up one morning with what can only be described as an underwater feeling in my right ear, thinking it was just a cold or blockage, but within the space of 2 hours i had this insane tinnitus develop so I made an appointment to see my ear, nose and throat specialist at the Luton and Dunstable hospital.

The devastating news came from that appointment that it was probably a virus and as it had not been treated with steroids in the first week it was unlikely my hearing would return but the tinnitus was likely to be with me for life, until you are in this situation you cannot imagine how you would feel/cope.

To say it was affecting my life dramatically in the first week, was an understatement.

I was taken for an MRI and given steroids just to be sure it wasn’t a treatable infection but both came back clear.

I was now not only living with hearing loss but a high pitched ringing 24 hours a day which was actually starting to drive me a little crazy.

In the day I am in a busy Executive Assistant role and could no longer hear my colleagues properly or even answer the phone to my right ear. Even worse were the weekends and evenings as my social life involves a lot of dancing, music and just enjoying life to the full.

The hearing specialist at the L&D hospital recommended I try a hearing aid to hopefully improve the hearing even a little and minimize the tinnitus so to get my lifestyle back on track but the waiting list for an NHS aid was quite some time. I decided to look into a private aid so my consultant recommended the Hearing Healthcare Practice.

All that is left to say is WOW, I have my life back… from the moment I met Robert Beiny and his team, my life has fallen completely back into its rightful place, he is definitely my ’21st Century Superman’, has saved me from what can only be described as torture on a daily basis!!

From the moment you meet this man you realise he is the most caring, attentive individual, nothing is too much trouble for him.  I currently see Robert around once a month and he is continually ‘tweaking’ my device to its optimal abilities and each time I come away from our appointment I just feel relief.

My tinnitus is so well hidden with the low ‘beach tones’ he has added to my aid that i just feel at ease and relaxed again.

If there was anyone that deserved a medal, it would be Robert and his practice.

Going above and beyond is just everyday for him!!!

Thanks Robert you so deserve to be recognised, you are truly an outstanding individual.

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