Hearing Assessment

At the heart of our approach is our Hearing, Listening and Communication Abilities Assessment. We’ve scoured the globe to source the finest audiological tests to provide us with the best insights into the challenges our clients face in their daily lives.

The Assessment Process

The standard hearing test carried out in most audiological centres only measures whether you can or can’t hear a series of beeps and whistles through headphones. In the absence of anything better, this has been considered the gold standard and an essential part of the tests needed to identify the possible cause and location of hearing loss.

However, nowadays, we don’t regard this test as fit for purpose and, although we haven’t abandoned these older tests, we have compiled our own test protocols (using components designed from Australia to North America) so that we can measure how well speech (not a beep!) is heard and understood in quiet and noise; with both male and female voices and with varying accents. These real world tests are far more relevant than testing with tones alone.

There is a significant amount of evidence that confirms the relationship between hearing and cognition. If hearing levels are lower than we would expect we require our brain to draw more heavily on its cognitive resources to translate speech into meaningful language. This involves a significant amount of brain energy expended to aid communication. Our assessment unearths a greater understanding of this process and helps guide our choice of Treatment Plan for you.


What Happens at our Hearing, Listening and Communication Abilities Assessment?

Our initial appointments normally take around two hours:

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